time lapse photography of night stars 
Photo by Lucas Ludwig on Unsplash
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Thank you Unsplash

I love unsplash. I am grateful to the photographers, to the people that run the site, to its sponsors.

It makes my life better. Unsplash inspires me to be a better writer.

Sometimes it can be a time sync. While I was writing about how Blawesome was making the world suck less, I searched Unsplash for “community” and found more truly wonderful images than I could have imagined possible.


I felt like writing another hundred articles just so I would have a reason to use each of the images that moved me.

I don’t know that in a single lifetime, I could never write enough articles that would each be worthy of such a picture.

I immediately started about carousels of Unsplash pictures Of course that would pose the risk that my audience might be mesmerized to the point of never actually getting around to reading my article. I thought about a remote sharing gallery where people all over the world (or at least throughout my social circle) could look at them together.

I thought back how to when I would bring my then young son to an art gallery and create a story with a sentence or two from each piece of the painting we walked past. Art galleries can be a deep and moving experience. What does it say about me, about them, and about Unsplash that in picking out pictures for articles here that I routinely have an even stronger experience?

There are times that I am too tired to read email, write articles, or watch videos that I have not seen before. Not tired enough (or more often tired enough but not sensible enough) to head toward sleep. Those are the times when turn-based computer games all to me, and I imagine that social media calls to many others.

Perhaps it is time to try Unsplash instead.

Purely recreational Unsplash.

It might be dangerous.

I might be dangerously addictive. It might be addictive.


But I know I’m not an addict. And the way I know it is that I know that I can’t just stop anytime I want to.

It only took me 40 years to catch on

In the early 1980s, with monochrome 24×80 monitors, I was certain that fonts and colors, and pictures would never take off. And that even if they did, I’d never care. It only took me 40 years to catch on, but today I did.

Thank you Unsplash. You bring extra joy to my world and to the worlds of my readers. And perhaps even help my readers remain my readers. At least until they find your website. I better make sure that I never, ever, ever mention that you exist. You can be my own personal not-very-dark secret.

water falling from clear glass ball
Photo by Elijah Hiett on Unsplash

Written by Russell Brand

Russell has started three successful companies, one of which helped agencies of the federal government become very early adopters of open source software, long before that term was coined. His first project saved The American taxpayer 250 million dollars. In his work within federal agency, he was often called, “the arbiter of truth,” facilitating historically hostile groups and factions to effectively work together towards common goals

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