The Owner & The Brand: Meet Chelby Gill of Boummeringue (

Always nice to see a Founder Institute alum in the news.


Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by returns. And by “returns,” I mean retail. I mean those pieces that we find out only after we’ve bought them that we really don’t love; that we now have a window to take back into the store we ordered them from. Lately, this process has brought about a learning curve for not only customers, but retailers as well. In January of this year, CNBC reported that retail returns have jumped to an average of 16.6% in 2021 versus 10.6% in 2020,

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Posted by Russell Brand

Russell has started three successful companies, one of which helped agencies of the federal government become very early adopters of open source software, long before that term was coined. His first project saved The American taxpayer 250 million dollars. In his work within federal agency, he was often called, “the arbiter of truth,” facilitating historically hostile groups and factions to effectively work together towards common goals


Oct 7th: Go To Market insights from Silicon Valley w/ Chris Foltz (Responsible Solutions) | Startup Grind (

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