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Direct Usable Links

It has been a frustrating morning on Linkedin.

I have seen posts with links to amazing sounding incredibly useful articles.

Some of these posts even had well-written summaries.

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But I could easily read any of them.

Some of them were hosted on free to the public websites including The Guardian, but the links were through tools that I didn’t have. A direct link there would have made it easy.

Where the original source is behind a paywall or otherwise restriction there might not have been anything that the poster could have done to make life easy for me.

If there are many readers, then the poster solving it once rather than each of us solving separately would have been efficient.

In the particular case of The Guardian article (which was worth reading), it took me much longer to get to the article than to read it. (When I added the direct link to the thread, I got it wrong.)

Linking directly to your sources is a way to help with #SuckageReduction. And a way to make me smile.

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