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    The Better Question About Customers

    Customer development is hard. There is a question that makes it easier. A better question than the one I have been asking. The question that I and every investor I know have been asking is “What are your customers doing now?” Often this question is phrased as “What is the competitive landscape — who are your competitors and how are you better for some particular segment of the market than each of them.” The many startups that can’t answer that […] More

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    Are you solving the right problem?

    Solving the wrong problem is a common way for a startup to fail. Or a product launch from an existing company to fail even harder. Or a life to seem wasted. Making a huge improvement on something no one cares much about isn’t a winning strategy. Nor is making only a tiny improvement even if people care a lot is rarely a winning strategy. Thibard Elziere’s article How to Validate a Startup Idea has a simple way to use these […] More

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    Sucking Less — Responsible Suckage Reduction

    During our early life, Responsible Solutions Limited (RSL) improved many processes for large organizations. Most of these were around the development, deployment, operations, and maintenance of software. We had a modest goal, our goal was not to achieve perfection, but simply to make things suck less. And sucking less makes a difference. Sometimes a huge difference. In the workplace today, for a lot of people things really suck. For example, Owen Hughes reports that in a Wakefield Research study of […] More