Manesh Girn PhD.

Postdoctoral Psychedelic Neuroscientist, UCSF, Chief Research Officer, EntheoTech Bioscience, The Psychedelic Scientist
San Francisco, California

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Chris Foltz in relation to growing my science translation/content creation personal brand and other entrepreneurial ventures.

Chris is truly a wealth of knowledge and experience in the realms of personal brand development, startups, and entrepreneurship. Not only that, he has an exceptional and rare ability to distill complex ideas into concise and actionable insights, making our interactions extremely enlightening and efficient. My conversations with Chris have always been highly direct, to the point, and deeply insightful – the amount of value he is able to provide per minute of interaction is unparalleled in my experience.

What also strikes me about Chris is his deep generosity with his time and his genuine desire to help and support those he believes in. As an example, Chris has made himself highly available on demand since our first interaction, and has even dedicated hours to creating a highly professional and aesthetically appealing new website for me that aligns with my brand vision. This was all with no immediate expectation of return – a testament to his commitment to fostering meaningful professional relationships and a clear reflection of his altruistic nature.

If you have the opportunity to work with Chris, I could not recommend him highly enough.

Stephanie Wilson

Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief - Sensi Magazine
Denver, Colorado

Had I written about what it’s like to work with Chris a year ago, it wouldn’t have been a recommendation. It would have been a warning. Chris and I did not get off to a good start, which luckily he does not hold against me. In my defense, it was March 2020, the pandemic was swiftly taking over and shutting down the world. My emotions were running high, my company’s revenue was running low, my ego had been bruised by miscommunication among our leadership team, and my to-do list had been cleared because we had paused production of our 15 monthly magazines.

In other words, I had a ton of negative energy to burn, and that’s when I met Chris. All I knew about him was that he used to be in PR and had recently gone through our sales training program to start selling ads in the Las Vegas market but had somehow worked his way into a seat at our leadership table before I even knew he existed. (Pre-pandemic, I tended to get lost in the making of the magazines vs the business operations side.)

I saw red flags everywhere with this guy. (Or I thought I saw, which is to say I imagined.) I took one look at his LinkedIn profile and saw a mountain of hyperbole, and my bs radar starting blaring. (Side note: he’s taking me up on my unsolicited offer to do some revisions, coming soon!) I made a swift decision after two Zoom meetings with Chris that he was not who he claimed to be and I was positive—POSITIVE—that he was out to ruin us… I just couldn’t figure out why. That’s because he wasn’t out to ruin us—so obvious in hindsight, so impossible to see in my early pandemic panic phase. I have never been so wrong about someone, nor have I ever been so grateful to have been so wrong.

I credit Chris and his big ole brain with saving Sensi. We had been running full speed in so many directions when the pandemic forced us to pause and take stock of where we were and figure out where we were going. Chris put together a plan that got us on the right path—a better path that leads us to greater impact. He has an incredible innate ability to see the big picture and to realize potential implications of even the smallest decision as soon as something is presented. And because of that, he was able to zoom way out on our company model and business plan and put together a road map for the company’s future success—and then lead the way there. Not by force but by asking the questions our leadership team needed to be asking ourselves so we all saw the bigger picture as well.

If you have the chance to work with Chris, take it. Do it. Jump on it. Be prepared to listen to him talk a lot, because he talks a lot. A lot a lot. And you’ll learn a ton as you listen. When he starts going, focus. Take notes. Record if you can, his brain works fast but what he says is relevant and you’ll be better off if you remember it. Because he will remember it. He’s got a memory like no one I’ve met. And he’s versatile. He came to sensi with no cannabis experience or background but he has grasped the unique complexities that surround the industry better than many industry veterans I’ve known. He keeps the same kind of strange hours I do, he doesn’t take anything at face value, he’s inquisitive, he doesn’t tolerate slacking, he says exactly what he means whenever he means it, and he’ll debate you on any topic under the sun just for the fun of debate. He likes a challenge. He’s the first person in my career who’s asked me to do better, not to just do more.

Alex Dollery

Director of AI & ML - London Stock Exchange
London, United Kingdom

Chris understands complex problems of all types and turns them into simple solutions, while doing it in a really cool way. He’ll even identify your problem, even if you haven’t identified it yourself yet. He’s always contactable and his contacts are your contacts. Above all you feel supported when working with Chris.

I highly recommend Chris!

Stephanie Graziano

Co-Head of Production, Co-Founder, CEO - Marvel Studios, Dreamworks Animation, Greenflower Media, Sensi Media
Los Angeles, CA

I want to take a moment to talk about my friend Chris Foltz. He is a man of tremendous talent. He is complex, complete, and valuable. He gets most excited when he can see and hold a vision for others greatness. He can visualize and deliver the most unique and developed visions, ideas, and possibilities. He not only gathers the information needed to fulfill a ferocious vision, but he will walk the path with you until it is complete. He is selfless and humble, and smarter than anyone I know. Be careful what you ask of him, he will always over deliver.

Mike Muhney

Co-Founder & Considered one of the Inventors Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - ACT!™
Dallas, Texas

There are very few who can match Chris’s energy and enthusiasm when it comes to having him on your team. Creative beyond compare, he understands the dots of your business and sees how best to connect them.

More importantly, what started out as a buyer-vendor relationship quickly grew to and has remained as a genuine friendship despite the project I hired Chris to manage has long been completed.

That says a lot about Chris, and even without him presently being a service provider to my firm he continues to work for me on its behalf, a remarkable and rare quality in today’s world.

Thuli Hlongwane

Founder & CEO - Prim-U
Cape Town, South Africa

In the business world, having a mentor is crucial for success. I had the opportunity to meet Chris through the FI programme, and he has been an incredible help to me. Chris provides me with valuable advice and constructive criticism on my ideas and strategic thinking. He is always enthusiastic and willing to share his skills and expertise, which comes from his vast experience of working with companies of different sizes around the world. Chris’s positive outlook and boundless energy have also been an immense advantage, and his eagerness to learn and his positive attitude have been instrumental in fostering creativity and problem-solving, which I enjoy so much.

Remy Chukwunyere

Executive Director - Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa
Abuja, Nigeria

Mr Chris is one of the most cherished International Advisors at the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa, where I serve as Executive Director.

His joining the Ugwumba Startups Community in 2021 was a huge blessing to the Startups ecosystem in Africa. Since then, he has impacted positively on the lives of the over 20,000 young entrepreneurs and innovators in Africa that benefit from our leadership and enterprise development programs on a daily basis.

As a mentor, his messages serve as daily companions to our startup founders, who are passionately growing startups in different sectors of the economy.

His contributions to the impact of the Ugwumba Leadership Center in the ecosystem in Africa are inestimable… I celebrate you, my boss!

Anna London

Founder & CEO - Cyvergance.AI Inc.
Washington DC

Chris Foltz is an outstanding, caring mentor and advisor. I first met Chris while I was a student attending the Founder Institute Silicon Valley Virtual Cohort Spring 2022 from which I graduated in May 2022. It is people like Chris and his partner Russell that make a huge difference in the founder’s lives in more ways than I can count. Chris goes above and beyond for each founder he mentors. He will tell you what you need to hear and not what you “want” to hear to be able to take action where it counts for growth not only as a company but as a founder. I cannot express how grateful I am to have met him and Russell of Responsible.com. I am privileged and honored to have them sit on the Board of Advisors for my company, Cyvergance.AI. Chris and Russell really do care and they show it through action. My co-founder and I are both educators and military veterans and he has gone above and beyond in every aspect and has been there to coach us through bad times as well as the good. Chris and Russell are integrity first wrapped in a large bow of kindness and respect for the human element. I highly recommend both of these gentlemen as they come stacked with credentials a mile long and have subject matter expertise in marketing, go-to-market strategy, pitching to investors, and growing your business and teams in order to meet successful outcomes.

JD Meints

Founder & CEO - NuLife Virtual
Calabasas, California USA

Chris has a very strategic thought process that has helped expand and improve our business model. With a blend of out of the box thinking and actionable advice I know Chris will make NuLife better moving forward.

Amanda Patrizi

Former Director of Marketing - Sensi Magazine

Sometimes you cross paths in your career with a leader who really takes you aback – someone who forces you to question everything. What’s the purpose of this? How can we make this better? Are we alone in the universe? The important stuff. I was really comfortable before Chris came into my life. I was relaxed and cruising along at 60 mph when he took me under his wing and asked, “Have you ever been to space?” and the next thing you know we’re breaking the sound barrier.

Within our first months together, our small team built an entire department, launched a website, laid the groundwork for campaigns, created a digital distribution plan, and outperformed competitors. None of that would have been possible without the insights and guidance from Chris. I realized very soon that Chris’ disruption in my life was highly calculated. He sees potential in every project and brings a never-ending list of unique initiatives forward. I am grateful for him challenging me and his 24/7 mentorship. Since learning from Chris, I have transformed my approach to strategy. Any brand or person lucky enough to work by his side has hit the lottery.

Naimul Abd

Regional Director - Startup Grind

Chris is an energy-powerhouse with the capacity to take your startup to a whole new level. His authentic approach to marketing, honest feedback on your ideas, and eclectic life experiences can help you transform your business like never before. We need more experts like him in the Nordics.

Alex (Nkusi) Shyaka

Founder - CodeImpact
Kampala, Uganda

Chris is not only special but an amazing human being with boundless energy. Every time I talk to him I walk away feeling overwhelmed but in an awesome way because he makes me feel special and allows me to dare believe that I can achieve my dreams to democratize tech skilling in Africa and more! As a core member of my advisory team at CodeImpact the company I founded, Chris is involved in a massive initiative we are undertaking to remove barriers to tech entry for underserved communities in Uganda specifically, but eventually on the whole continent of Africa. He brings onboard massive experience working with diverse teams and stakeholders from all over the world to bring to life impactful projects that transform lives and economies. I’m more than thrilled to continue working with Chris to change the narrative of African software engineers and build tech talent that will transform lives and push Africa into the next level of tech transformation.

Mehkar Sheikh

Managing Director - Founder Institute Nordics

Chris is one of our top Mentors in the Founder Institute Nordics program. Our founders in the Nordic region have a high regard for his authentic approach to marketing and storytelling. His global perspective is a key asset to any startup founder who is thinking big.

Etornam Fianoo-Vidza

Founder - SPiiKA Inc.
Accra, Ghana

It’s been awesome meeting Chris through the Founder Institute program as a mentor. I vividly remember feeling energized, guided and at ease talking with him at the very first meeting. This just goes to say how down to earth he is in interacting with people, even those he meets for the first time.

It’s an honor to have him as an advisor now. Not only does he make time to meet, he also listens and gives great guidance and brings real value to the table in every single discussion. You leave every single meeting feeling pumped up to do the next big thing. He is the kind of advisor every startup needs for growth.

Simon Turner

Managing Director - Founder Institute (Ghana)
Ghana, Africa

Chris has been an outstanding mentor and supporter to the Founder Institute Ghana founders, as well as to the program as a whole. He offers a unique, nuanced, empathetic understanding of the challenges and opportunities entrepreneurs face on the African continent, and provides mentorship and advisory support that never patronises but empathically empowers.

Personally, Chris has also been a thoughtful, generous, and inspiring supporter of me, providing advice and mentorship that continues to be second to none.

Treya Tolbert

Founder & CEO - iBodyTec
Atlanta, Georgia

I met Chris as my mentor at Fonder Institute. He brings passion, conviction and great strategy to anything he does. He has a design eye, great long-term vision and the ability to work well with others to help accomplish goals. Chris is always a pleasure to work with and is one of the first people I would call. I am so blessed to have him as one of our advisors.

Michael Zaytsev

Founder - HighNY.com & Cannabis Academic Director - LIM College
New York, New York

Chris is not only a brilliant thinker who brings uniquely creative solutions to complex problems, but he is also an extremely dedicated and generous mentor and teammate.

It’s rare to come across a person who has such vast, diverse knowledge and also has the patience and humility to share it with others in a way that is accessible and effective. Chris is that special kind of person.

While serving together as mentors for Founder Institute, I witnessed Chris support dozens of entrepreneurs with their startups. His commitment to showing up for others and his passion for helping others succeed inspired me to ask Chris to serve as my advisor.

Chris has been and continues to be an invaluable advisor and mentor for me at High NY. He’s an entrepreneurial Swiss army knife, a business ninja. For example, he singlehandedly rebuilt the High NY website and took it from the stone age to cutting edge in a weekend. I often scratch my head and wonder how he does it. I think he must be a cyborg or something.

Seriously though, I genuinely believe Chris is a genius and all around decent human being who cares deeply for others. He’s also proficient at trolling and I enjoy his sense of humor, even when I’m the butt of his jokes. I appreciate that working with Chris is fun and I learn something from him every time we speak. Chris Foltz is the real deal and I’m grateful to have him on my team.

Dellah Lukutor

Co-Founder - SPiiKA Inc.
Accra, Ghana

I have had the privilege of holding a couple of meetings with Chris. I am so far amazed by the speed with which he is able to come up with fresh ideas and quickly follow through with a clear and simple plan for bringing them to life. Every time I meet with him I’m awed by his raw mental capabilities but then also his willingness to truly listen – sometimes to half-baked plans. Chris is sometimes able to pitch your ideas much better than yourself.

Perhaps the most impressive thing for me thus far is Chris’ apparent hunger to see real change happen in Africa. Africa’s problems are well-known and everyone seems ok to just talk about them, it is refreshing to once a while coming across someone who is willing to do more than that.

Zac Parsons

Founder - Charity Professional Development Company
United Kingdom

Chris delivered a webcast for the Charity Professional Development Community. Chris brought us world-class examples of how nonprofits and startups can collaborate. His delivery was engaging and his storytelling is top-notch.

Nancy Birnbaum

Founding Publisher - Sensi Magazine (Norcal)
California, United States

I’ve had the honor of working with Chris for the past couple of years. We have mentored together, advised founders, helped business owners figure thing out, and always Chris is poking holes, finding inconsistencies, pointing out the problems … and offering very specific recommendations and advice. Not everyone is ready for Chris, but if they’re open to the possibilities, there is usually a big reward. He had such a wealth of knowledge and experience and he will challenge you. Truly and amazing human.

Kristina (Lopez) Adduci

Founder - House of Puff
New York, New York

Chris is one of the most strategic visionaries I know. It is his mission to watch each and every person who comes into his orbit, to flourish, blossom and thrive. He has pushed me and my company to the highest standard, and we wouldn’t be where we are without his guidance and network. He is a brilliant and effective communicator and is the first one to raise his hand to help others. A true polymath to his core, Chris is a champion for everyone. It’s a privilege to know him.

Jake Kuczeruk

Managing Director & Advisor - Arcview Consulting
California, United States

Chris provides an invaluable guiding hand for early-stage operators, especially within the cannabis space. He’s extremely knowledgeable and well-connected- but I’ve always been most blown away by his ability to share guidance in a relatable, clear, and concise manner. He can take even the most complex issues and distill them down into easy actionable points/steps.

Motunrayo Opayinka

Founder & CVO - Womenovate
Abuja, Nigeria

Chris is a focused and dedicated business leader who is passionate about his beliefs and drive for social impact. A polymath with vast knowledge, I am truly honored and inspired to work alongside Chris. He is the real deal.

Toni L. Carter

Former Inclusion & Diversity Manager, Chief Administrative Office - Motorola Solutions

Chris Foltz is an Innovative, Passionate, Community Leader – who knows how to get the job done. He genuinely cares about humankind and will go out of his way to ensure the next generations of young people have a real chance at succeeding in life. Chris AND his team are kind, caring people who find the good in everyone they meet. I highly recommend partnering with Chris and the Social Policy Institute professionals. They are nice people to do business with.

Jac A. Charlier

Executive Director - Center for Health & Justice

I worked with Chris for two years on an IT project. The two words that describe Chris and make him a great asset to any business are enthusiasm and acceptance. Chris brings passion and energy to his work, and freely shares that with those around him in a way that is contagious! Through times up and down, this is a huge asset for teams. Chris has the wonderful ability to accept all comers to the team. It cannot be stressed enough in this time of rapid social change how important it is that in the workplace all are acknowledged, respected, and accepted. Chris does this effortlessly and naturally. It is my pleasure to serve as a reference for Chris.

Michero B. Washington

Past President & CEO - Illinois Commission on Diversity & Human Relations (ICDHR)

Those of us who have been in the vanguard of diversity understand that “diversity” isn’t only an issue of “black and white”. The true essence of the term transcends what can be “seen” – it reflects and includes a diversity of thought, practice, vision, and execution/action.

It has been my distinct pleasure and honor to work with Mr. Christopher (Chris) Foltz in several capacities over the last few years. I have seen him in “action”, thus exercising true diversity in his everyday professional life. Rarely do you have an opportunity to work with someone whose core values are entrenched in diversity and inclusion and even more importantly, isn’t afraid to speak his ‘truth” and intentionally integrates these aspects into the programs and services that his organization provides.

His team of practitioners and supporters represent a broad range of the population that includes age, race, language, religious beliefs, socio-economic backgrounds, and sexual preference; thus including a broad spectrum of individuals that represent constituents across the Country.

Mr. Foltz is a change agent, leader, and “tree shaker” which in essence, represents true diversity and I look forward to continuing the work knowing that someone like Chris Foltz is one of the consummate voices leading this charge.

Keyston Franklin, PMP

CEO - Gallantri Industries
Chicago, Illinois

Simply put, there would be no Gallantri Industries without Chris. Chris was one of my mentors at Founder Institute and was instrumental in Gallantri’s business development. Chris is a passionate and knowledgeable individual with deep insights in a variety of industries. He is driven, dedicated, and fearless in his service to his clients and the businesses he engages. His ability to couple enterprise and social impact is innovative and needed. If you want more from yourself and your business you want Chris.

Judith Iglehart, Ed.D

Past President, International Division - Keiretsu Forum

Russell is simply a superstar at Due Diligence needed for startup companies. He is super smart, highly organized, and willing to take the time to learn a new skill. At Keiretsu Forum he joined every DD committee for one year, adding his expertise and knowledge to the team effort. His professionalism and deep knowledge of technology are assets that he is more than willing to share. Itt is a pleasure to work with him at Keiretsu Forum.

Federico Salvitti

CMRO - Stateset, IRG100 Top CMOs, NYU Faculty, UN Global Compact Advisor
New York, New York

Chris is a force of nature when it comes to the planning and execution of communicating strategies. I guess because he learned Marketing from the ground up, he can talk the talk but also walk the walk, which translates into leading agencies by example, managing a partner network that generates results and directly contributing to the creation of high-quality content.

Izabela Wozniczka

Startup Founder - Founder Institute Silicon Valley

With great pleasure, I would like to recommend Chris, as I started working with Chris his willingness to share skills, knowledge and expertise was astounding. He works super hard for you to succeed and create a company that will matter. He also takes a personal interest in your project and you can turn his recommendation into hands-on tasks. Positive but makes you think about all details of the company. Provides guidance but also gives you critical feedback in a way that is motivating and helps your company become emerge as a leader in the industry

Mike Mansbridge

Former President - Sensi Media Group

I’ve worked with Chris Foltz for the past year and have learned a great deal from this young man, especially, “anything is possible”. Our company was hit hard due to the pandemic – it put Sensi out of business for we could no longer host live events and print award winning magazines.

We subsequently went into a six month pause. Chris was part of the team that had to reimagine the business and lead the organization through transformation. No doubt, Chris is brilliant and helped us understand how we could leverage our strengths to restart as a complete virtual and digital company.

Chris shined as a leader during this crisis (a few examples ) – planned and executed a sophisticated web presence, developed/proposed/implemented innovative organization models, identified and realized new revenue models, and replaced many paid subscription services with improved low cost / no cost tools to the run the business.

I would love the opportunity to work with Chris again. He is a forward thinking innovator who has a big heart and is always there for you with a helping hand.

Richard William Guerra

Director of Global Reach - Sensi Media Group
Boston, Massachusetts

In the year that I have known Chris, it has become very apparent to me that this will not the last LinkedIn recommendation that I will give him. Where we both come from, what we’ve been through in our youth, the challenges we overcame together as colleagues to up to this point in time.

These things have all shown me that we are brothers with a shared vision and heart. We will create more together, learn from each other and have each other’s backs. I have never been more excited to manage a new project or create new business with another person.

I wouldn’t have made out of the pandemic with as much opportunity ahead of me, or wisdom within me, without Chris’ guidance and support. Sensi Media is standing tall today in large part because of his tenacity, dedication, and commitment to a stronger organization and smarter business. It’s past time for those who wish to authentically build community & make an honest impact to hear from Chris on multiple platforms, often. I plan to make that happen.

Pam Rodriguez

Former CEO - TASC Inc.

I am writing to recommend Chris as an energetic visionary, both passionate and motived in all that he focuses on: politics and political action, social enterprises and entrepreneurship, IT platform development, communications and engineering innovations. Chris has been a friend and colleague for years–a friend to TASC and a colleague in our work. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mark Grazman

Venture Capitalist

I am typically a man of too many words, so let my brevity speak volumes. Chris Foltz makes my business better and my mission stronger. Many people can produce websites, make posters, etc…but I’ve never met anyone else who can so quickly lock in to the vision and brand of our company and help us better understand who we are, how to put our mission at the center of our business, and who we should meet.

He’s two parts brand strategist, one part match-maker, one part implementation arm, and perhaps the most important, he’s all heart. It’s that incredible heart that eclipses all of the other stuff because as a mission-based business we are usually speaking a foreign language to others when we talk about our passion, our commitment to making the world a better place, and how we plan on integrating our commercial footprint with our bigger picture vision for the world.

When we first met Chris we were committed to our mission but didn’t think we could put it at the center of our brand. Now we are comfortable shouting from the rooftops that we want to change the world – and our chances are much bigger having Chris and his team on our side.

Thank you Chris for sharing your heart with us, I’m know you could be working for bigger companies with bigger budgets but you choose to work with those of us that share your values and that’s priceless.

Angelique Kiss

Market Director - Sensi Magazine

I’ve been working with Chris for about a year now. And during that time I’ve witnessed his incredibly quick thinking mind come up with the most creative and genius solutions and ideas. The talent oozes from him. It’s truly an honor to work with him, as he’s an incredible mentor and human being. The man never sleeps and he gets things done!

Lou Ferris

Founder - Stealth Startup
Orlando, Florida

Chris Foltz is easily one the brightest, most insightful experts in his field. He challenges conventional models and thinking with compassion and respect to improve the corporate, client and consumer’s experience at all levels.

Audrey Ross Powell, M.D.

Physician & Senior Medical Science Liaison
Houston, Texas

Christopher Foltz is the ultimate professional and scientist. He is very knowledgeable about the science of cannabis and is dedicated to research, development and education. He is invested in the success of others.

Eugene Miya

EE/Technical Information Specialist - NASA Ames Research Center

Russell has a good intellect. He was hired by a Distinguished Laboratory Fellow who was my office mate at Ames 1 day per week (George Michael, not that Rock Star, but a rock star in the field of supercomputing). If George hired Russell, then I would trust Russell. I was drafted (of sorts) to moderate an early Ad hoc computer security group (COMPSEC). Russell was one of the great intellects of the Bay Area computer scene, coming from MIT, at that time. He carried on the role-playing situations which others only adopted later. My and our group’s issue was maintain the productivity from the bad parts of security. Russell assisted well in this

Alice Geglio

Chicago Area Peace Corps Association

Chris was amazing to work with, because along with his considerable technical expertise he brings an inexhaustible passion to whatever task is at hand. He helped us build a website from scratch, ahead of our very rushed timeline, while adding several outside-the-box features we hadn’t even thought of. He continues to offer us invaluable advice about strategic partnerships, communications, and branding. I don’t know anyone with the same amount of energy, creativity, and determination to work on behalf of needy communities in Chicago

Alicia Neubauer

Community Leader & President - Ground Floor Skateboards
Rockford, Illinois

I have known Chris for over 20 years. He greets new challenges with a great deal of enthusiasm. Chris is very intelligent and very much wants everyone to succeed and live well. He has worked for organizations big and small.

He has led them and labored for them. Truly, Chris will succeed at most any task, which is why his experience is so vast. I love learning from Chris and interacting with him

Debbie Hall

Contributing Writer - Sensi Magazine
Las Vegas, Nevada

Chris is more than an asset to Sensi Media Group, he is helping to redefine the industry. With his expertise, passion, and skill set (so many I could list), Sensi Media Group is on the cutting edge of transitioning from traditional communication to exploding on the scene and capturing the world’s attention with our message. He advanced in the company as quickly as he did because our founders recognized his talents and needed him on the management team. I am thrilled and honored to be working with him during this very exciting time of growth to new heights.

Alan L. Farkas

Former Trustee - Village of Deerfield, Illinois

Chris has a great mind for elections and politics. He knows how to leverage technology and available media to achieve maximum results.

Mark Heintz

I worked with Chris on a branding project for a start-up concept that I was evaluating. Chris and his team developed the logo, brand essence, brand message, and website for us. They did a terrific job. What I enjoyed most about working with Chris was the creative dialogue we had regarding the concept. He helped me expand the horizons of what the concept could be and how it could be implemented. Furthermore, he made crucial introductions to industry experts that helped solidify our understanding of the market. I look forward to working with Chris in the future and being inspired by his attitude that anyone can change the world!

Anjel Lopez

Former Undergraduate Student - Columbia College Chicago

Chris taught me at Columbia College Chicago as my Entrepreneurship professor, and he completely changed my way of thinking about business and myself as a leader + entrepreneur. His way of teaching is unconventional, but in the best way possible. He cut around the structure and “fluff” most colleges require you be taught, and dug in to teach us the REAL way of being an entrepreneur and applied everything to real life situations and shared his personal experiences. Overall, Chris has been one of the most genuine professors I’ve ever had, and I’d highly recommend anyone taking any kind of class or teaching they can get from him.

Matt Costantino

Chris is one of those people that I see and want to emulate. He is only a couple of years older than me, yet the things he has accomplished seem almost inconceivable to me. Not only does he get things done, the things he is doing are changing the world and our communities in a socially responsible way. Chris is dedicated to improving the lives of the people around him, serving others on a level that shakes up even the highest levels of government. If more of the leaders in this country could have the conscience, confidence and desire to make our home a better place, rather than focusing strictly on the personal financial implication an action may have, we would be living in a much improved and peaceful society. I hope to one day do what Chris does. That is my ultimate dream.

Angalia Bianca

Author & Social Impacter

Chris is a passionate and professional individual who cares about the greater good of the community. Any project that I have worked on with this man has been successful. He has great insight and I highly recommend him

Alderman Bob Fioretti

Former Alderman - City of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

In my entire career as a lawyer and as the Alderman representing Chicago’s downtown Second Ward I have never met someone with industry insight like Chris Foltz. Chris Foltz’s dedication to the local and global community is present in their teams strategy on a daily basis.

Paige Floyd

Former Intern & Team Member

Chris Foltz is an inspirational and amazing man to work with. He brings an unbelievable upbeat energy to work every single day. His presence keeps everyone on their toes and inspires everyone to excel in every way. He is a brilliant thinker writer and speaker and I looked to him for much knowledge during my internship at CFCO. He allowed me to be a leader in my position and bring my ideas to the table even as an intern. It was an honor working with Chris, he has a sincere passion and dedication for his work and is a rising star in his industry and the Chicago area. Chris will always be a person to keep in my close network and everyone who does will not regret it.

Spencer Golman

Former Undergraduate Student - Columbia College Chicago

It is without question that you are making a lasting impact not only on the city of Chicago but you are someone we can all look up to for a multitude of reasons. You give back to the community, you are philanthropic, and you are a great teacher.

But most all you are a revolutionary entrepreneur. I wish you all the best with your future endeavors and projects and always strive to make a difference one person at time one day at a time

Kristin Kojzarek

Chris Foltz is extraordinarily dedicated to his clients, business partners, and vision. I have had the privilege of working with Chris as a strategic business partner while I was an intern at JMP Global beginning in September of 2011. At every turn, I observed Chris going the extra mile to help our team succeed. Chris not only provided us with an arsenal of creative solutions and successful marketing strategies, but he did so with a genuine, infectious enthusiasm.

I also have had the extreme pleasure of hearing Chris give one of his motivational speeches at JMP Global’s business networking event, Think Big. Act Bigger. Chris proved himself to be a gifted storyteller who uses his extensive experience and entrepreneurial spirit to inspire others.

I have witnessed him consistently going above and beyond to connect with clients, audiences, and guests while making sure to answer all questions pragmatically, thoroughly, and with a touch of good humor. I highly recommend Chris to anyone seeking communications and/or marketing strategies that deliver results.

Meredith Bahuriak

Former Graduate Student - Columbia College Chicago

Chris Foltz taught my Business & Entrepreneurship graduate class at Columbia and it is with great privilege that I write this recommendation. Having attended Columbia for both my undergrad and graduate degrees, I write without hesitation that Chris was by far my most passionate and inspirational teacher.

Chris Foltz has a strong drive to not only educate his students, but to help them achieve outside the classroom. He welcomed me to learn from him at his business and helped me develop relationships that have shaped my career today.

If you know Chris, then you have most likely heard him say to, “Make things better; not for the money, not for the glory, but simply because you can.” One experience I will never forget is working outside of the classroom with Chris on his anti-bullying campaign. That’s when I truly saw what giving back is all about, and I was honored to be apart of it.

Chris has made a huge impact on my life and his class has truly been the most beneficial of my collegiate career.

Gordon Dymowski

Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise

I was fortunate enough to work with Chris as part of the Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise. Quite simply, he is a hard-working, diligent individual who brings passion and enthusiasm to fostering the creation of social enterprises throughout the state of Illinois. As a current business partner, Chris brings a strong no-nonsense approach to encouraging businesses and social enterprises to make a positive impact. Admittedly, he has a unique personal style, but that only adds to his commitment to bringing about positive change. He is a strong collaborator who has shared his talent and insight numerous times in the past. I strongly suggest connecting with him and learning more about his work.

William "Sonny" Saranow

Real Estate Attorney

Chris is great at what he does. He truly is an expert in communication strategy. My company hired Chris to work on our website and the site was done in a matter of days and was truly well done. I highly recommend Chris. He is a pioneer in his industry.

Matt Bisbee

Communications Director - United States Congress

Chris has great political instincts. He brings thought and innovation to a campaign and executes with unwavering enthusiasm and loyalty.

Adrian Dalton, MBA

Former Team Member

Working with Chris Foltz is an experience I will never forget. He strives everyday to improve the world around us and his dedication to the many causes he is involved in is unparalleled. When Chris succeeds the effects are felt by many, and when things don’t work out he turns it into a discovery process that leads to greater good.

Lisa Lockwood

Television Contributor, Adjunct Professor & Author

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris in various capacities over the last seven years. He always delivered a quality product and has the “over-deliver” mindset. Fast Forward to 2013-2014 where we became colleagues teaching Entrepreneurship at Columbia College downtown Chicago. I know first hand Chris’ Students were blessed to have his expertise delivered directly through his various personal entrepreneurship ventures. As far as Chris the Humanitarian, I can attest to all of his credentials stemming from 2012 to the current.

J. David Combs

Former Undergraduate Student - Columbia College Chicago

Chris Foltz made the most of every moment he went with his students. He brought his experience, both successes and failures, into the classroom as an opportunity to relate the class to the real world. In doing so, he challenged his students to build on what he had to offer.

Chris is one of the rare professors that seemed to understand the responsibility of the influence he held as a professor. He held to that responsibility, regardless of the environment around him.

He is a rare breed of teacher. One that will never feel quite at home in a classroom, yet is exactly what so many classrooms desperately need.

Stephanie Hardy

Former Undergraduate Student - Columbia College Chicago

Coming into Christopher Foltz’s class once a week was what I looked forward to the most coming downtown to class. With his inspiring stories, engaging lectures and his passion for the arts and business, he made students eager to be involved in class.

Not only did he teach core lessons and what was appropriate for the class style. He actually got to know each and every student. With sincere interest he discussed what each persons goals were and where they saw themselves going after Columbia. He also talked about how they could achieve those goals and what he could do to personally help them.

His class gave each and every student purpose and direction. Those who didn’t know what they wanted to do after Columbia came out of that class with a clearer understanding of who they were and what they wanted to achieve on a bigger scale.

He truly has the most dedication to his students that I have ever seen from any teacher at Columbia College Chicago. With this being said I would recommend Christopher Foltz for any teaching, leadership, or mentor position.