Cannabis Startup Challenges: Legal, Compliance, Funding, & Supply Chain

From rocket engines to regulations and cannabis to compliance – all startups, investors, and supply chain partners face the challenges of staying legal. Sometimes it is harder than you think. The likelihood of success for a startup founder rises with the more understanding they have of the legal requirements of their industry. Join Founder Institute Southwest Director Chris Foltz as he welcomes a guest panel to discuss these very things.

Panel Guests:
Russell Brand – Angel Investor, Startup Advisor, Founder, Responsible Solutions Ltd – Silicon Valley Pioneer

Bethany Niebauer – Regulatory Compliance & Legal Consultant – Highly Regulated Emerging Industries – Axial Compliance Consulting

Jay Purcell – Partner, Clark Howell LLP – Business Lawyer for the Green Frontier, Tech Startups, and Highly Regulated Industries

Greg Jelden – Co-Founder and Managing Partner, CMG Media Group – Cannabis Management Group

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Written by Chris Foltz

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