Chris Foltz weighs in on Trump’s election and his early prediction – WCIU Chicago

Chris Foltz joins WCIU’s George Blaise to weigh in on Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential election and how he predicted the outcome so early. In addition, Foltz and Blaise discus social impact during a Trump presidency.

Original Airdate: 11/23/2016

Video courtesy of WCIU, 26 N. Halsted and George Blaise

Written by Chris Foltz

Chris Foltz is a renowned brand development catalyst, celebrated inspirational speaker and Managing Director of the Silicon Valley based advisory practice Responsible Solutions Ltd. From his roots in partisan politics, to a battle with drug addiction, 119 days in county jail, and losing everything to the point of homelessness, Chris has re-established himself as one of the most engaging initiators of social impact and development in the nation, and some would consider – the world.


Chris Foltz talks Social Impact and predicts Trump 2016 victory early – WCIU Chicago Network TV


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