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MAA’VA’s Marieh Mehran Featured at ChangeNOW in Paris

The world’s largest event for the Planet

Check out , founder of MAA'VA as she joins ChangeNOW's panel featuring Women for Change. Filmed live at the world's largest event for the planet, ChangeNOW in Paris, France on May 19th, 2022

From the event program:
When girls get the opportunities they deserve, amazing things start to happen. We know that there is a gap in visibility, recognition and access  to opportunities between men and women. It's crucial to provide these resources at a young age and not just when women are already in mid career. The Women for Change Initiative celebrates the activists, artists and thought leaders changing the world through their actions. As well as the entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers providing concrete ways to advance equality and women's rights.

Wingee Sampaio, Cartier Women's Initiative // Jana Degrott, We Belong // Kit Ondaatje Rolls, // Flora Donsimoni, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation // Ilona Jedrasik, ClientEarth // Marco Nannini, Impact Hub , Angels4Women // Marieh Mehran, MAA'VA // Inès Rau, INES RAU // Garance Aulagne, ChangeNOW

Written by Chris Foltz

Chris Foltz is a renowned brand development catalyst, celebrated inspirational speaker and Managing Director of the Silicon Valley based advisory practice Responsible Solutions Ltd. From his roots in partisan politics, to a battle with drug addiction, 119 days in county jail, and losing everything to the point of homelessness, Chris has re-established himself as one of the most engaging initiators of social impact and development in the nation, and some would consider – the world.


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