Hit the Road: Directional Cues in User Interface Design (

Tubik has a great article on using arrows and other directional clues on websites.

Lots of fine points that I hadn’t ever given thought to.


What do you do if you want people to get to a particular destination? You do everything possible to help them hit the right road and show them the way. In user experience design, it should work the same way. Don’t expect that users come to your website or app ready to fiddle and learn the ropes. It’s the designers’ job to make their way to the conversion as easy and intuitive as possible. And directional cues are among the key factors for reaching this goal. So, in this article let’s revise the popular types of directional cues in web and mobile user interfaces and find out why they are such an essential factor of positive user experience, supported by UX design examples by Tubik designers.

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Posted by Russell Brand

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