I’m in absolute, utter shock.Today, the LinkedIn community failed – LinkedIn (

I applaud the courage and initiative of Danielle Theobald for clearly and loudly saying what so many others are feeling while silently suffering.


I’m in absolute, utter shock. Today, the LinkedIn community failed. I spoke up on behalf of women on LinkedIn who feel uncomfortable with sexualized

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Posted by Russell Brand

Russell has started three successful companies, one of which helped agencies of the federal government become very early adopters of open source software, long before that term was coined. His first project saved The American taxpayer 250 million dollars. In his work within federal agency, he was often called, “the arbiter of truth,” facilitating historically hostile groups and factions to effectively work together towards common goals


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A court upheld the firing of 2 LAPD officers who ignored a robbery to play Pokémon Go (