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Dear Person I’ve Never Heard Of

I got the following message on linkedin

Hey russell

Could you endorse my profile for the Top 3 skills?

I’ll do the same in return..

Perhaps I have amnesia.

Perhaps any email thread we’ve ever had has disappeared from my archive.

Perhaps any notes that mention you in my notes, files, or online database have been deleted.

Is there a top skill for “Deceptiveness” or “Forwardness” or such?

In any event, please let me thank you for sending me this. I will know in the future to count as a red flag anyone who endorses you.

And thank you for at least spelling my name right. Some of the strangers who ask for such things don’t manage to even do that.

And let me announce my new Unicorn in the making startup, I’m calling it The Endorsement Exchange. If you’ll be the lead investor in it, we’ll happily endorse you for something.

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