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Least Impressive Pitch Deck

Today is Christmas.

And it looks like I am getting a bicycle even without having set up a tree.

As you, my loyal readers well know, Christmas is not one of the two holidays I take. In my quest to support early stage founders from throughout known space, I have had four hours of zoom meetings and am now reading draft pitch decks.


NO this is not a mistake onedrivelivecom

To the left, you will see what I found when looking for a pitch deck from a company that asked for some help.

It is my least favorite so far. Fortunately it didn’t take much time to put together my comments to send the founder.

Unfortunately, even once he fixes this problem, how comfortable am I going to feel introducing to people?

I failed to cover this particular problem in my standard list. I don’t think that I hit this before for a presentation deck. I hit it all the time for videos, but for presentation decks this is a first.

Should I mention the startup specializes in teaching important skills including Microsoft productivity tools including onedrive?

Or would that be mean?

Probably more in the Festivus spirit than the Christmas spirit to mention it. So instead I will just count it as part of the hazards.


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